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Engine Building and Performance

Bad Company Race Engineering brings over 30 years of proven race performance to the engine building and modification world. It doesn't matter what your engine building and modifications needs are, large or small, computerized or not we can help you reach your finish line goals and remain in budget.

The engine performance and engineering/modifaction market has an endless supply of products to choose from. If your not carefull, you can over spend on modifications and engine building parts which are incompadible with the end product you are trying to create. An expensive motor isn't always fast!

From carburator tuning and modification to complete engine design and build, let Bad Company Race Engineering help you fully realize your car or trucks full potential both on the road and at the the track.

Bad Company Race Engineering is here

to help you make the right performance choices

from the start of your build to the final bolt. We install or build and maintain our own nitrous systems. And simply refill your nitrous bottles



If You Can Race It---We Can Build It!